Terms N Conditions

Terms and conditions:

Files are activated when all documents, notifications, and fees are received. Similarities can usually be completed within seven (7) working days of receipt of application, documents and fees, unless additional verification is required. Money order or bank check / online payments are required to be completed within the processing time. Work can not be started till the completed and signed application and all necessary documents and fees have been received.
Fees: The service should be approved in advance.

The fee can not be refunded. We have the right to refund as we apply and according to our policies

The total liability of the future India Group Charitable Trust will be limited in relation to the claims arising out of performance or non-performance of the obligations in relation to this agreement, contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability, or otherwise, you will be limited by the Future India Group Charitable For the fees given to the trust.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY AND DISCLAIMER, LIABILITY OF LIABILITY, AND THE LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY EXPEEDED (A) Mistake, negligence (whole or partially), strict liability, breach of contract, or otherwise also applies to the party, or whose Liability has been waived, rejected or limited, and (b) such party's related or affiliated entities and its directors, officers, employees Will extend to ries, subcontractors and agents.

The validity, interpretation and enforcement of this agreement will be governed by the laws of the Texas state, excluding its conflict of law provisions. Contact the Future Bharat Group Charitable Trust Educational Information Center.